We constantly broaden the range of products in our offer with a view to increasing requirements of the Polish and international market.

Our playground equipment is perfectly adjusted to the children age and developmental needs.

                             PLAY                                            DEVELOPMENT                                   SAFETY

Our playground equipment conforms to norm EN 1176 and has been certified for the conformity by INT (Technical Supervision Institute).

The certificates have a sign of PCA, what means that they are issued by a company supervised by Polish Center of Accreditation - which is the only one in Poland - honored by UE directive - as the unit issuing certificates of conformity with norms.

The institutions mentioned monitor the processes of design, production and installation of our playground equipment.

We also offer the services of arrangement of space. 

We pay attention to all components of our playground equipment. The details make the playground items safe and solid.


Our products are made of square 90x90mm glued laminated timber which meet the highest requirements within the scope of quality, durability and esthetics. The four-leaf clover pattern, distinctive for our company is made in the process of vertical milling which eliminates the tensions in the wood and ensures the safety of use through making the grip easier. 


We use the following types of steel in our production process: constructional, galvanized and double powder coated steel and stainless steel. To meet the requirements of our customers we have two-step quality control check process. We constantly pay attention to details what makes our product outstanding regarding the safety and durability.


HDPE (high-density polyethylene), an excellent and durable material for playground applications, is resistant to scratches, delamination, swelling, splinters and acts of destroy.


In our production process we use polypropylene-wrapped, steel-core ropes and specially designed plastic and aluminium connectors what makes our products very durable and resistant to vandalism.
Rope equipment and climbing nets is a very attractive range of products, highly supportive for the development process and making the play an unforgettable experience for a child. We are not limited to produce only the nets and rope equipment which is visible on our website. We are able to design individually or produce according to customer’s design.


Our playground equipment is protected by ground anchors which prolong the life span of our products and make them more firm. Such constructional solutions in conjunction with high-quality concrete ensure the robustness of anchoring.


All the connectors and screws installed in Astrus playground equipment conform to norms and come from trusted suppliers from Europe. The stainless screws support the high quality and reliability of the product and ensure the safe play on the playground equipped with our items.


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